Netberg launches Aurora 810 platform for next-generation networks

Taipei, Taiwan, 14th of November 2022.

Netberg announced the new Aurora 810 400G model programmable switch with Intel Tofino 2 Intelligent Fabric Processors (IFPs) at its heart. The new platform has 32x 400G QSFP-DD Ethernet ports and a 12.8Tbps switching capacity. Intel Xeon D-2123IT Processor, 32GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, and a BMC complement a high-end network switch design for the growing network.

The Aurora 810 switch series addresses the next-gen network performance, capacity, and flexibility challenges with its fully programmable Match-Action Unit pipelines, consistent packet throughput, and power efficiency. The Tofino 2 IFP, built on the breakthrough performance and programmability of the first generation, doubled the generation performance. Its real-time telemetry, large packet buffer, and support for adjusting protocols on the fly, combined with the P4 Studio, create a network powerhouse.

Together with Netberg Aurora 750, 710, and 610, the new Aurora 810 creates a top-to-bottom programmable network environment with high server density, thus bringing economies of scale and unprecedented network flexibility.

“The new Aurora 810 series offers an ideal 400G solution for high-volume network demands,” said Alex Ustyuzhanin, director of Netberg. “Its programmable Tofino 2 IFP chipset opens new opportunities for operators to handle exponential traffic growth. Netberg collaborates with Network Packet Brocker (NPB) vendors and works on open-source SONiC NOS to create collaborative solutions, bringing Open Networking benefits for end-users and SI partners.”

The new Aurora 810 model is available for order.

“As the industry transforms to adopt programmable infrastructure, we are pleased to offer operators the flexibility and performance needed for demanding workloads,” said Barry Davis, General Manager of Marketing and Software Planning, Switch & Fabric Group at Intel. “Intel Tofino Intelligent Fabric Processors are P4-programmable and enable a new dimension of composability, and performance for Telcos and Enterprise data centers. Addressing the robust needs of today’s modern networks, solutions based on Tofino transform data-intensive applications with intelligence and scalability at the edge and core networks.”

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About Netberg:

Netberg provides advanced hardware solutions for data centers, telecoms, and enterprises worldwide. Netberg offers a complete line of open networking products with commercial and open-source NOS/SDN software and custom hardware and software development services.

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