Netberg Announces SONiC 2022.11 Support on its P4-Programmable Intel Tofino IFP systems.

Taoyuan city, Taiwan, December 20th, 2023.

Netberg updates its Netberg SONiC distribution to release 2022.11 on Aurora 610, Aurora 710, and Aurora 750 P4-Programmable Intel Tofino IFP systems.

Along with multiple improvements to the SONiC operational experience, this release supports new PINS (P4 Integrated Network Stack) features. PINS Generic SAI Extensions and PINS Runtime Configuration further enhance the SDN capabilities of the solid traditional switching and routing stack.

Initially developed by Microsoft for its Azure data centers, SONiC is the Linux Foundation project. Leading cloud service providers have tested its data center-focused capabilities, like BGP and RDMA, in real workloads. SONiC brings customized networking solutions through the vast ecosystem and community.

Since 2022, Netberg has been focusing its SONiC efforts on P4-programmable systems and is the only vendor to provide a full range of Intel Tofino IFP-powered systems – from 25G leaf to 400G spine. On top of the L2/L3 switching and routing, the programmable systems bring the power of SDN and P4 to create a hybrid pipeline control model.


About Netberg:

Netberg provides advanced hardware solutions for data centers, telecoms, and enterprises worldwide. Netberg offers a complete line of open networking products with commercial and open-source NOS/SDN software and custom hardware and software development services.

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