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The explosive growth of the global datasphere outpaced the traditional approach and transformed the IT industry. Rising open-source technologies and communities changed the way how IT is developed, delivered, and used. At Netberg, we work we an ecosystem of commercial and open-source partners to provide open hardware and software solutions that offer the best innovative and impactful results to our customers. Increased choice, constant innovations, freedom, greater product control, fast time-to-market, and lower TCO are our core values.

Founded in 2015, Netberg remains an organically grown and privately own enterprise. It’s a position where we can follow our vision, make strategic decisions, invest in long-term goals, secure product delivery, and provide support to ensure our customers’ success.

Our focus

Our product line spans from low to high-end networking platforms with a strong focus on disaggregated and open network solutions to ensure matching our customer’s expectations.

Netberg’s seasoned engineering team works on innovative solutions for 5G applications, data center, and carrier networks with passion and energy to generate value for our customers and unfold a digital society’s potential. We validate our hardware’s electrical, mechanical, and system design to ensure our products’ uncompromising performance. Utter hardware qualification and testing process ensure that anything made by us is robust by design and manufactured according to highest quality standards.

Working with an open infrastructure means a lot to us. Our software team commits platform drivers to all major open-source NOS communities and prepare BSP’s to make commercial third-party NOS integration as seamless and quick as possible.

Innovations often require software development from scratch. We support our customers’ in-house development by providing application-level API and provide fit-to-purpose software development services.

Our results

Versatile, flexible, and scalable solutions are essential for cloud, data center, and carrier network service providers. Netberg has products to offer for every segment, deploying innovative solutions scaling from 1G to 400G to power innovative products and services.

Customized security systems in North America; network packet brokers in Europe; NPB and orchestration solution at 5G carrier networks in Asia; we worked with our partners to deliver and support the newest technology worldwide.

Netberg engages with industry consortiums such as the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to help our customers transform and be at the forefront of the innovation cycle.

Our customer list includes (but not limited to):

Our project, BM-switch.com, is dedicated to open networking.


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