Netberg new Aurora 420 switch is introduced

Taipei, Taiwan 9th of August 2017.

Netberg Ethernet switch portfolio for the data centers is expanded with the introduction of Aurora 420 10/40G model.

The Aurora 420 will find its fit in a ToR/leaf layer and telecom applications with its 48 10 Gigabit host ports and 6 40 Gigabit uplinks. Combined with industry-standard copper DAC cables and SFP-MSA compliant optics, it’s an ideal cost-effective solution for many applications.

Software options include ICOS, a feature-rich L2/L3/SDN web-scale NOS with industry-standard CLI and Linux shell management capabilities, and Open Network Linux with OpenNSL and OF-DPA for a custom network application development.

“The new Aurora 420 switch is an extremely cost-effective solution which brings the second breath to 10G technology,” said Alex Ustyuzhanin, CEO of Netberg. “With Aurora 420 affordable price mark, 10G speed becomes a viable alternative to the traditional 1G networks. The power of x86-based control plane with its ecosystem of Linux applications brings even more value to such shift”.

All Aurora models are subjects of immediate availability.

About Netberg:

Netberg is a provider of advanced hardware solutions for data centers and enterprises worldwide. With vast expertise in hardware and software, we aim to provide the best solutions for servers, storage, Ethernet switches and integrated rack systems. More information about Netberg can be found at


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