USA Investment Management Company Case Study

Business Challenge

A growing US business developing cutting-edge technologies in investment management using machine learning needs increasing network capacity and a unified management approach on all layers.
The project adds ten racks into the installation and needs management, leaf, and spine switches. The solution must bring in high performance, low latency, be scalable for future expansion, and fit the budget.


After considering requirements, Netberg Aurora 720 and Aurora 620 matched spine and leaf layers demand:

  • Aurora 720, with its 32x100G ports, sub-500ns PHY-less latency, fits the spine, providing room for the data center expansion.
  • Aurora 620, with its 48×10/25G ports and 6x100G ports, sub-500ns PHY-less latency, fits the leaf, providing connectivity for servers and management switches.

Netberg Aurora 220 went as a management switch and an additional data path for low-priority traffic.

All switches use ICOS NOS to deliver the same management experience at any layer of the network.

Business Results

A new cluster deployment took 50% less time.

Low-latency Broadcom Tomahawk-based switches delivered sustained performance, enabling a wide array of other real-life applications for machine learning, from medical diagnosis to weather prediction.


 Aurora 220, Aurora 720, Aurora 620

Why Netberg

Netberg meets the growing demand for open network hardware based on merchant silicon.

  • A wide range of products with throughput rates from 1 to 100 Gbit/s.
  • Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)-enabled switches allow choice of networking software platform.
  • Support for Open Networking Linux, a part of the Open Compute Project and a component in a growing collection of open source and commercial projects including CORD and Stratum.
  • High-quality hardware.

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