New Netberg Aurora Switches on Nephos Taurus ASIC.

Taipei, Taiwan 8th of October 2018.

Netberg today launches a new series of bare metal switch (BMS) hardware with Nephos Taurus switching silicon.

The Aurora 740 and Aurora 705 switches are high performance and programmable products, utilizing a purpose-built ASIC architecture designed to addresses next-generation network automation (real-time visibility/switch table state modification) for hyper-scale markets.

The Aurora 740 is the first model from Netberg with 64x100G QSPF28 ports, bringing the new level of scalability and efficiency for the spine layer of a network. Using 64-port boxes instead of 32-port models at the spine layer doubles your potential network size without building PODs and adding Super-Spines. The Aurora 705 is a traditional 32x100G QSFP28 port switch, aimed to be a workhorse at a modern DC or telecom network.

Utilizing Nephos Taurus ASIC family, new models bring strong benefits to the network:

  • Wire-speed programmable deep packet classification, flexible and recursive match/result-actions, packet generation/modification, fungible match and result memory including real-time instrumentation, packet diagnostics, and state updates
  • Advanced L2-L5 programmable entropy with micro and jumbo flow-steering for better fabric utilization
  • Larger Service Scale: >800K IP addresses, >70K ACLs, push > 10 labels (MPLS or user-defined)
  • Granular Fungible Memories for all Tables and database result Memories (Flexible Shared Data structures for Forwarding, QoS, Instrumentation, and Security)
  • Large packet buffers.

Available software includes Microsoft SONiC and Open Network Linux with development tools.

About Netberg:

Netberg is a provider of advanced hardware solutions for data centers and enterprises worldwide. With vast expertise in hardware and software, we aim to provide the best solutions for servers, storage, Ethernet switches and integrated rack systems. More information about Netberg can be found at


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