The new NVMe all-flash JBOF introduction.

Taipei, Taiwan 2nd of May 2017.

Netberg storage product line is expanded with the introduction of Aeon J380 NVMe JBOF product.

The Aeon J380 NVMe is an ultra-fast and ultra-dense NVMe flash enclosure for the most performance-hungry applications. 80 U.2 NVMe drives are packed into just 3U of a standard 19″ rack space. 5 PCIe switch modules with PMC controllers provides flexible connectivity options, from a single server to consume all the capacity to the five systems with 16 dedicated drives each.

“This is the fastest storage product we’ve ever made,” said Alex Ustyuzhanin, CEO of Netberg. “Along with our Kratos 2 Aqua liquid-cooled rack solution, the Aeon J380 NVMe is an excellent fit for many performance-demanding applications. Its modular design, flexible connectivity, IPMI-compliant remote management, the ability to scale-up via cascade, and scale-out make sure that it can fit everywhere – from a cloud provider to an enterprise data center. The rapidly declining cost of flash brings reason to switch to NVMe storage today like never before”.

About Netberg:

Netberg is a provider of advanced hardware solutions for data centers and enterprises worldwide. With vast expertise in hardware and software, we aim to provide the best solutions for servers, storage, Ethernet switches and integrated rack systems. More information about Netberg can be found at


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