Port Breakout

Example model & SONiC version:

  • Aurora 610
  • Netberg SONiC: SONiC.202111-nba610-support, SONiC.master.0-20220721

Configuring the interface breakout mode

Intel Tofino does not support Dynamic Port Breakout and AutoNegotiation functions in SONiC.202111.

You’ll need to edit the /usr/share/sonic/device/x86_64-model_name-r0/model_profile/port_config.ini file to reconfigure the interface.

In this example, we split port 49 of Netberg Aurora 610 into 4x10G configuration and FireCode FEC.

admin@sonic:~$ sudo nano /usr/share/sonic/device/x86_64-netberg_aurora_610-r0/aurora-610/port_config.ini
Ethernet48      47            Ethernet48   47      25000   off      rs
Ethernet49      48            Ethernet49   48      10000   off      fc
Ethernet50      49            Ethernet50   48      10000   off      fc
Ethernet51      50            Ethernet51   48      10000   off      fc
Ethernet52      51            Ethernet52   48      10000   off      fc
Ethernet53      52,53,54,55   Ethernet53   49      100000  off      rs

After finishing the edit, the system config has to be re-generated:

admin@sonic:~$ sudo sonic-cfggen -H -k aurora-610 --preset t1 -p /usr/share/sonic/device/x86_64-netberg_aurora_610-r0/aurora-610/port_config.ini > /etc/sonic/config_db.json

Reboot the system.

Note This action will restore the system default config and erase all user changes.

Check the status:

admin@sonic:~$ show interface status | grep 'Ethernet49|Ethernet50|Ethernet51|Ethernet52'
Ethernet49           48      10G   9100     fc  Ethernet49  routed      up       up     N/A         N/A
Ethernet50           49      10G   9100     fc  Ethernet50  routed      up       up     N/A         N/A
Ethernet51           50      10G   9100     fc  Ethernet51  routed      up       up     N/A         N/A
Ethernet52           51      10G   9100     fc  Ethernet52  routed      up       up     N/A         N/A

Now the port management runs as described in this article – Physical Interface management.


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