Debug information collection

Example model & SONiC version:

  • Aurora 615/715
  • Netberg SONiC: sonic-202012-nb-inno-211121

When an issue occurs, please run the command “show tech support” to pack the debug information before recovery, i.e., reboot switch or “config reload”

admin@sonic:~$ show techsupport
removed directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649/warmboot'
removed directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649'
mkdir: created directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649'
mkdir: created directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649/log'
removed '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649/log/techsupport_time_info.wIbTFHQKUe'
removed directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649/log'
removed directory '/var/dump/sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649'

All logs are saved to /var/dump

admin@sonic:~$ ls -lh /var/dump/
total 9.3M
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6.0M Feb 22 22:46 sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224633.tar
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3.4M Feb 22 22:47 sonic_dump_sonic_20220222_224649.tar.gz

Users can pack the debug information using the –since flag since the given date.

admin@sonic:~$ sudo show techsupport --since="yesterday"

Users can pack the debug information without syslog files with the –nolog flag.

admin@sonic:~$ sudo show techsupport --nolog

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