OpenSwitch installation guide

Install OpenSwitch

1. Download the ISO image from the provided link.

2. Copy the ISO image to a USB thumb device.

3. Connect a USB thumb device to the front panel USB port.

4. Connect to the switch via serial console using standard settings:

5. Reboot and configure the switch into the ONIE Rescue mode.

6. Pick the partition that has the flash drive inserted (/dev/sdb1 in this case) and mounts it:

ONIE:/ # mkdir /mnt/usb_drive_mount_point
ONIE:/# mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb_drive_mount_point

7. Run the installer:

ONIE:/onie-installer # ./openswitch-onie-installer-x86_64-1.0.7c


--- Installing OpenSwitch GRUB ---
Installation finished. No error reported.

OpenSwitch installation completed


8. Once the switch is rebooted, login as root and check the version. It should match with the one that was installed:

admin@switch:~# sudo -i
root@switch:~# vtysh
switch# show version
OpenSwitch 1.0.7c

9. For the documentation please refer to this page.


Configuring networking on the switch

1. Telnet to the switch and login as root. Currently no password is set for root.

2. At the Bash prompt, enter:

show ?

You are shown show commands for different features.

3. Configure the management interface using step-by-step config guide mgmt-intf


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