ONIE Recovery on x86-enabled Netberg Aurora switches

1. Download the recovery image suitable for your switch or build one from GitHub.

Intel Tofino-based switches:

Aurora 610 recovery image

Aurora 710 recovery image

Aurora 750 recovery image

Innovium-based switches:

Aurora 615 recovery image

Aurora 715 recovery image

Broadcom-based switches:

Aurora 820 recovery image

Aurora 420/620/630/720 recovery image for OpenSwitch and ICOS

Aurora 420/620/630/720 recovery image for Open Networking Linux

2. Copy ONIE recovery to a USB thumb device.

Use “dd” command to copy the .iso image to a USB stick:

dd if=onie-recovery-x86_64-netberg_rangeley_p1330-r0.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=10M

3. Connect a USB thumb device to the front panel USB port.

4. Connect to the switch via serial console using standard settings:

WARNING: Do not use a USB-mini USB cable, it will damage the console port on the switch.

Use the enclosed serial cable.

5. Power on the switch and press <ESC> until entering BIOS.

Go to the “Save & Exit” tab and boot to the USB drive using “Boot override” section.


6. Embed ONIE to the switch.


7. ONIE is ready after reboot. (Please remove the USB stick)



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