ONIE Recovery on x86-enabled Netberg Aurora switches

This page describes how to install the ONIE boot loader on Netberg Aurora switches.

1. Download the recovery image suitable for your switch or build one from GitHub.

Intel Tofino-based switches:

Aurora 610 recovery image

Aurora 710 recovery image

Aurora 750 recovery image

Aurora 810 recovery image

Innovium-based switches:

Aurora 615 recovery image

Aurora 715 recovery image

Broadcom-based switches:

Aurora 221 recovery image

Aurora 621 recovery image

Aurora 721 recovery image

Aurora 820 recovery image

Aurora 830 recovery image

Aurora 420/620/630/720 recovery image for OpenSwitch and ICOS

Aurora 420/620/630/720 recovery image for Open Networking Linux

2. Copy ONIE recovery to a USB thumb device.

Use “dd” command to copy the .iso image to a USB stick:

dd if=onie-recovery-x86_64-netberg_rangeley_p1330-r0.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=10M

3. Connect a USB thumb device to the front panel USB port.

4. Connect to the switch via serial console using standard settings:

WARNING: Do not use a USB-mini USB cable, it will damage the console port on the switch.

Use the enclosed serial cable.

5. Power on the switch and press <ESC> until entering BIOS.

Go to the “Save & Exit” tab and boot to the USB drive using “Boot override” section.


6. Embed ONIE to the switch.


7. ONIE is ready after reboot. (Please remove the USB stick)



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