The first Aurora product on Barefoot Tofino silicon has arrived.

Taipei, Taiwan 25th of September 2017.

Netberg today launches a new series of bare metal switch (BMS) hardware with Barefoot Tofino switching silicon.

The Aurora 710 is a unique network development platform, designed to bring the twin pillars – performance and programmability – together for the first time in the history of networking. The combination of the Tofino programmable switch chip, the P4 programming language and Capilano toolset are revolutionary.

This model is not aimed only at rapidly-evolving cloud infrastructure, but also for telecom companies who needed a complete visibility of their network, integration of middlebox functions, use of distributed applications on the switches, and rapid prototyping of new protocols.

It has 2x 10G SFP+ ports and 32 x 100GbE QSFP28 interfaces in a compact 1U enclosure, which can be configured up to 128 x 25G with break-out cables for high-density scenarios.

The software support includes ONIE, kernel and BSP, port mapping and hardware monitor drivers.

The Aurora 710 Ethernet switch feature optional baseboard management controller (BMC), traditionally found in servers. This allows system administrators to unify management tools and protocols for all their assets, significantly reducing operational cost.

About Netberg:

Netberg is a provider of advanced hardware solutions for data centers and enterprises worldwide. With vast expertise in hardware and software, we aim to provide the best solutions for servers, storage, Ethernet switches and integrated rack systems. More information about Netberg can be found at


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