Native Linux management tools for Aurora switches

Taipei, Taiwan 8th of June 2016.

Netberg has implemented a Linux shell management capability in ICOS NOS for its x86 based 25G/100G Ethernet switch products.

For many years, CLI was the only possible way to control networks. Multiple incompatible standards, custom vendor API, increase complexity, cost, and deployment time. ICOS was a traditional NOS with traditional L2/L3 functions and industry-standard CLI management, with an API structure for third-party apps and integration with provisioning and orchestration systems.

With the latest ICOS release available for Netberg Aurora 720 100G switch, it is possible to manage switching and routing functions using Linux shell tools. The feature also enables network administrators to run third-party protocols stacks, such as Quagga on the x86 switch.

“Linux fueled the data center revolution many years ago; now it is time to light up the network,” – said Andrew Sapronov, CTO of Netberg. “Capability to synchronize between the kernel routing table and the hardware open a straight path to the truly web-scale capable network. Unification of server and network management tools lead to the great reduction in efforts and cost not only for the large-scale data center operators but for enterprise customers too. The unprecedented level of network flexibility leads to faster innovation pace.”

Read the ICOS x86 platform guide to learn more.

About Netberg:

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