Australian Telco Case Study


Developing a next-generation telecommunications platform that leverage the latest in network technology to address the challenges associated with the successful operation of Carrier and ISP networks is not an easy task.


The rapid growth of high-speed internet user base leads to challenges not only in upgrading the service provider network but also in the network complexity and provisioning services to the users.

Today’s carriers and ISP’s are looking to provide end users self-provisioned products and services, detailed billing, and an easy way to sign up for services on demand while slashing service delivery costs,
management complexity, and the time it takes to deliver new products and services to market.


An answer to these challenges would be a one-touch, carrier-grade Network as a Service platform that enables rapid software automated service delivery, reducing the need for network engineers to be involved in customer moves, adds and changes.

To develop such a platform and combine the separation of control and data planes of Software Defined Networks (SDN) with the resource optimization of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), an Australian company chose Netberg Aurora 420 with Open Networking Linux and OF-DPA 3.0.
Broadcom’s OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) is an application software component that implements an adaptation layer between OpenFlow and the Broadcom Silicon SDK.

OF-DPA enables scalable implementation of OpenFlow 1.3.4 on Broadcom switch devices.

Porting Microsoft SONiC

Beside the platform development, the partner also had interest in trying Microsoft SONiC NOS for its network needs. With the BSP provided and assistance from Netberg on creating an SAI profile, this task was done in a matter of days.

Why Netberg

  • An open switching platform with ONIE and complete support for ONL.
  • A quad-core Intel Atom C2558 control plane with the largest SSD and DRAM capacity in its class.
  • Availability of a BSP to create a patched version of OF-DPA.
  • A BSP to port Microsoft SONiC for the customer needs and assistance on porting.
  • 10G hardware at a 1G price point.

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