Programmable switches for Academia and Research

Netberg provides Barefoot Tofino-powered switches required to join the FASTER™ (Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education and Research) program from Barefoot and helps to connect researchers across the growing P4 community.

We’d love to help you to perform groundbreaking research in the field of networking.

Here at Netberg, we joined the FASTER™ program from Barefoot to deliver a package to Academia and Research organizations at a discounted rate for a jump-start into networking programmability.

How to get your package?

1. Barefoot TofinoTM Switches

Hardware options to join the Barefoot FASTER™ Program (please reach out to us for discounted prices*).

Aurora 750 front view    Aurora 710 front view    Aurora 610 front view
Part number: NBA750-FtB-PDU
Ports: 64x 100G
ASIC: Barefoot TofinoTM BFN-T10-064Q
Part number: NBA710-FtB-BMS
Ports: 32x 100G
ASIC: Barefoot TofinoTM BFN-T10-032D
Part number: NBA610-FtB-BMS
Ports: 48x 25G + 8x 100G
ASIC: Barefoot TofinoTM BFN-T10-020D
2. Apply to Barefoot FASTER Program

Get their SDE and access to all guides and source code.

3. Get the SW package from us.

ONL, a BSP compatible with the Barefoot SDE.

4. Build everything.

Now you can use the system to compile and run your P4 code.

You are ready to hack!

5. Support.

For all HW and BSP-related questions you can reach out our support team at

For all P4-related questions participants shall seek support in the FASTER forum from other FASTER community members. The forum is open to all FASTER Program participants.

Learn the P4 Programming Language

Join a course from Barefoot Academy, an instructor-led training program.


* The special rates apply to universities and research projects only.

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